The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The good: The Republican Network is cancelling Dick Cheney’s wet-dream, 24! Maybe there really is a God? I guess all those right-wing crazies will have to settle for ABC’s V. Everybody knows the Visitors are really just Obamabots…

The bad: I know it’s the duty of every good liberal to love Tina Fey. I just can’t bring myself to do it. She’s got a new movie coming out, Date Night, which I’m sure will be a hit. Everything the bitch touches turns to gold. But please, don’t tell me she’s a great actress. She may be a half-decent writer, but as far as her acting is concerned, all she’s ever done is play herself. And most of the time, she’s written her own lines.

My biggest problem with the bitch is her despicable personality. Miss “Suck It!” threw her fellow writers under the bus during the last writer’s strike, because she was losing money. Maybe she has more in common with the soul-less Sister Sarah than just looks.

The ugly: I’m really going to miss Ugly Betty, as it’s been cancelled due to low ratings. America Ferrera will go on to have a fabulous career, and Vanessa Williams should have won a Best Supporting Actress Emmy. But I think the breakout star of the show had to be Michael Urie. He should have a bright future.


3 responses to “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

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  2. Browsing through your blog and found this.
    It’s about time 24 is canceled, I thought it should have been finished years ago. I watched it-and while the premise was interesting at first- I got bored quickly with it’s innate bias and it’s typical action shoe ‘drama’. And how could you hate Tina Fey?! But I do honestly like her, she is funny. I guess she can be selfish, due to that incident. You’re right though, she can’t act that well,though she is still better then many movie stars themselves. I find her sarcasm especially interesting.
    Ugly Betty, never even watched it, but I’m surprised it’s ending, I thought it was immensely popular?

    • It started out well, but was too controversial. Two gays, one transsexual, and Betty’s dad being an illegal immigrant. All that stuff turned a lot of people away.

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