Sexual Healing

“We all know that only the most slatternly of men and women bother with HIV tests.” That’s how former Reagan Education Secretary Bill Bennett responded to a recently uncovered report that Barack and Michelle Obama took AIDS tests during their visit to Kenya back in 2008. Of course, the Obama’s did this in public, to set a positive example to the disease-ravaged people of that region. Bennett didn’t see it that way:

“These loose folks are the ones you see at the end of the night in the bar, looking around for the drunkest girl with the lowest self-esteem, “pulling a Lewinsky” they call it, but now we have incontrovertible proof that the President and his wife consider Kenya the President’s homeland. She said so. WHERE’S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE NOW? And why do you need an HIV test there, Barack, been whoring it up with the maidens of your native land?”

Sure, there’s the typical “birther” nonsense, but Bennett’s comments also echo the sexual hang-ups shared by most conservatives. Abortion – Women have no rights over their own bodies. Hate crimes – sexual orientation must not be included. Defense of Marriage – Gays must not have the same rights as straight people. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell – Gays must not be allowed to defend our country. I could go on, but you get the point.


“Pulling a Lewinsky”? Seriously, Bill…


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