Win One for the Gipper

Ronald Reagan was naïve. Ronald Reagan was weak. Ronald Reagan was a traitor. These are not the opinions of progressives like myself. These are the views of every last member of the Southern Republican Leadership Conference, presently gathered in New Orleans.

Remember Reagan’s infamous quote: “Trust, but verify?” He threw that around a lot while negotiating with Mikhail Gorbachev. The culmination of those negotiations was, of course, the START Treaty. That treaty expired a few months ago, so it was incumbent upon the President, whoever it happened to be at the time, to negotiate a new one.

It happens to be that our President is now Barack Obama.

So all the Christervatives and Tea Klux Klanners hate what Obama did, which was exactly what Reagan did. Well, actually, President Obama did change two things. He put greater emphasis on verification, and he specifically excluded outliers like Iran and North Korea, that have violated or renounced the main treaty to halt nuclear proliferation. (In other words, we still have the right to blow either of them to hell if they ever piss us off.)

Most sane Americans have no problem with the new treaty, even most Republicans are on board. But right now, the country is controlled by a minority of the minority: Those on the far Right of the GOP. And as far as the Fox Newsers are concerned President Obama is pure evil. So too, is everything he does – no matter who’s done it before.



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