Tea’d Off

Big Government. Deficits. Taxes, taxes, taxes…

That’s what today is all about! As millions descend upon the cesspool of Washington, let our voices be heard!

Of course, one has to wonder…

Big Government? The largest expansion of government since WW II occurred under Bush 43’s watch. Deficits? Bush’s failed policies turned a surplus into a 1.2 trillion dollar deficit. Taxes? Bush cut taxes for the richest of the rich, Obama cut taxes for 95% of Americans; in other words, the rest of us. So what the hell is the real reason a bunch of rednecks are riled up?

Oh, that’s right, Obama’s Black.

You know what April 15th is? It’s Jackie Robinson Day. 63 years ago a Black man played Major League Baseball for the very first time. He broke the color barrier.

Instead of celebrating that milestone in American history, you’ve got $ister $arah, the Christervatives, and the Tea Klux Klan raining down their racist hatred from on high.

Look. The South lost. Get over it. A Black man played baseball. Get over it. A Black man is President.

Get over it…


5 responses to “Tea’d Off

  1. I made a similar post this morning with a disturbing video that proves pretty much everything you just said…I lashed out at Fox news a bit too…

    There was a local report on the news that showed tea-baggers shouting racial slurs, & other epithets at Barney Frank. When some were interviewed they denied it or blamed it on the “liberal media”.

  2. From the bottom of my heart……..that was a GREAT post! How sweet it is to read intelligent and insightful thoughts – thank you.

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