Don’t Tell

President Barack Obama is an intolerant, hateful, bigoted homophobe. This can be empirically proved. Obama picked former Dean of Harvard Law School Elena Kagan to be Solicitor General. She’s on his “short list” of potential nominees to replace retiring Justice John Paul Stevens. When CBS blogged about the possibility of a lesbian being on the Supreme Court, an “unnamed official” from the White House denied Kagan was a lesbian. Case closed.

Only in the America of 2010 would there be such outrage aimed at the Obama Administration over this story. Doesn’t matter that Obama nominated her for Solicitor General. Doesn’t matter that she’s seriously being considered for the Supreme Court. All that matters is playing the same tired, old political baseball.

If someone actually states on the record that Elena Kagan is a lesbian, she cannot possibly win a nomination battle, so the White House can’t come out and say she’s a lesbian. Since the White House can’t say Kagan is a lesbian, the LGBT community is furious at the White House. Does this make any freakin’ sense at all?


3 responses to “Don’t Tell

  1. I agree with you that the radicals in the LGBT movement can seem pretty scary. They shout, their faces red in anger, whenever they don’t see 100% success, and maybe even then.
    And yet, these people are a blatant minority among the liberals, paralleled by screaming bigots in the opposite field.
    So please bear with us and just try to be relaxed… Your last comment on “From the Left” was a bit edgy and gave Mr. Di Spirito a good occasion to ban you from his site. After all, reckless radicals only are at ease when they’re among themselves. In my opinion, the worst you can do, is to get as angry as these people are.
    Anger isn’t sane and doesn’t bring any fruit, it’s the biggest gift to the evil rednecks that want to use their Bibles as hammers to smash everyone else’s civil liberties. And to the other rednecks that want Obama to lose all his sense. You seem to be a sensible person. Please stay that way.

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