Outlaw Bailouts

It’s as simple as that. Obama, Pelosi, Reid et al have crafted legislation to protect the American people from having to deal with another financial catastrophe – like the one orchestrated under Bush’s watch – by imposing a few commonsense regulations. Everyone who has a 401k, everyone that has a union or company retirement program, anyone who pays taxes, anyone who was negatively affected by what happened under Bush should support this legislation. Especially members of the Tea Klux Klan, since Bush’s bailout gave rise to their anti-government angst in the first place.

Three things happened yesterday which reveal our present situation in crystal clarity:

1. The fraud investigation of Goldman Sachs.

2. GOP leaders meeting with financial executives.

3. Democrats fighting for reform.

The rethuglicans are in league with the banksters, while the democrats fight an uphill battle for We the People. In the words of Jerry Lundegaard:

“That’s the deal here.”


2 responses to “Outlaw Bailouts

  1. I’m sorry, but I think you’re under the mistaken belief that the Democratic Party is acting in the best interests of the so-called ‘left.’

    They may appease the left, so as to get the votes they need to be in power, but from what I can tell, they are simply working for a different group of rich people than the GOP are working for. They might toss a few liberal crumbs now and then to make the voters happy, but in their core, the democrats are just another head of the same undemocratic monster as the republicans.

    Much as I dislike all that they stand for, perhaps the tea party crowd is onto something. Perhaps the real liberals should hi-jack the movement on behalf of goodness and sanity, before the world falls apart.

    • Right now, power is equally divided in Washington. We have a very liberal House of Representatives, a conservative Senate. A centrist President, and most influential of all, a far-right Supreme Court.
      What you seem to be describing is, I believe, democrats in the Senate, and I completely agree with that assessment.

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