I Want My Country Back

Let’s take a quick review of what Barack Obama’s done in his short tenure in office. He massively increased our military presence in Afghanistan. We’ve captured or killed so many al-Qaeda leaders lately, victories aren’t even news stories anymore. Obama’s kept nearly all Bush’s national security policies intact. He’s given us the most sweeping tax breaks in decades. With Wall Street and GM paying back their loans ahead of schedule, though the deficit is still rising, it’s at a much slower pace than analysts projected it would be. The President has expanded gun rights. He signed into law the healthcare reform package originally proposed by republicans in response to HillaryCare. Obama has even given the green-light for oil companies to drill, baby, drill.

With all that, Christervatives still label Barack Obama as the most liberal (ie, evil) President in American history. The Tea Klux Klan – which has become the third party many people hoped would end the failed two-party system – was born out of rebellion to Obama’s endless attacks on the conservative values this nation was supposedly founded on.

Republicans like Charlie Crist and John McCain aren’t even welcome in their own party because it’s moved so far to the right. Virginia now has, basically, Pat Robertson as Governor. Arizona has passed laws not only encouraging racial profiling, but making the practice mandatory. Secession-fever has broken out throughout the South. According to certain news organizations, President Obama has the lowest approval rating of any President since they started keeping track of such things.

We’re living in a time where up is down and down is up. Do Americans really think Bush was better than Obama? We’re living in a country that’s overwhelmingly opposed to giving healthcare to the millions of hardworking, taxpaying American citizens who don’t have it. The majority don’t want financial reforms that would end Wall Street bailouts. I could go on, but I think you get the point.

I want an end to this madness.

I want my country back.


7 responses to “I Want My Country Back

  1. Tell me about it. :-\ The scary part is both Beck and Palin are now saying they’re on a mission from GOD! With more and more violent rhetoric from the right, and younger voters more and more apathetic about Roe, I can only see things getting worse. Mississippi is even starting to bring back segregation in public schools…. (http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/segregation-mississippi-public-schools-2010/story?id=10366223 ) I feel like the country is going insane.

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  3. The sad part is that the people who are spouting the hateful rhetoric don’t even really believe it. They admit they do it for attention and ratings. Sad.

  4. Pathetic. I love the author’s line: For the record, Betty Sutton is an accomplished lawmaker and respected attorney — and does not have a background as a professional chef.

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