Outraged Yet?

Yesterday every Rethuglican Senator, plus Ben Nelson, voted against debating banking reform. While the Party of No continually blasts the Democrats for not fixing the economy – that was wrecked by Rethuglican policies – fast enough, now they’ve joined forces with the banks in opposition to the American People. That’s right. Another bill, another Rethuglican filibuster.

The Party of No has filibustered everything that’s come before the Senate, with the exception of Cabinet and Supreme Court nominations; though they’ve threatened to obstruct those in the future as well. This time, after private meetings with top Wall Street executives, GOP leaders – including John Cornyn, Chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee – were instructed to stall reform as long as possible. This way, public outrage against the Too Big To Fail industry will subside, and if they can’t kill the bill entirely, they can at least water it down to the point that it will be ineffectual.

The same time this betrayal is happening, 1,788,232 American citizens living in Arizona have had their rights stripped away, because Washington hasn’t addressed illegal immigration. This, according to Rethuglicans in Arizona, while it’s Rethuglicans in Washington who’ve impeded all attempts at reform in the first place.

1,788,232 is the approximate number of American citizens of Hispanic descent who currently reside in Arizona. Not only is law enforcement encouraged to racially profile these Americans, they’re mandated to. The new law gives citizens the right to sue police for not stopping someone they (citizens) think is here illegally.

The Party of No fought against the stimulus. They fought against healthcare reform. They are now fighting against Wall Street reform. And they’re fighting against American citizens just because, I don’t know, maybe, they have a bit of an accent…


14 responses to “Outraged Yet?

  1. The law in Arizona, summed up:

    “We don’t need no badges. I don’t have to show you any stinking badges.” Followed by gunshots.

    White and Black Arizonans have now been officially labeled bigots by their state government. Latinos have now officially been labeled targets by their state government. The Indians may just be sitting on their reservations shaking their heads. And a fun time was had by all…

    Except tan and brown people. But we’ll just leave that up to the good judgment of law enforcement, right? Right.

  2. It’s possible they may not hold the game there at all now. Rumor says, anyway. I suspect that the state may take a heavy economic hit. Deservedly so. Their tourist industry may find itself not so touristy.

    I’m hoping the mainstream media clowns pick up on Maddow’s investigative work and give it some serious air time. But I suppose they’re going to be too busy broadcasting tweets and faceposts to do any real news work.

  3. You betcha. She’ll find a way to make a buck off of this. That speechy talky thing is working out well for her. So’s the dumbassy thing and the empty polemicy thing.

  4. I personally am scared to go there… I had a long time family trip planned to the Grand Canyons and Utah this summer. I am Indian (east Indian), so brown skinned and with an accent– a different kind but accent nonetheless. Will they know the difference between a law-abiding, visa-holding graduate student touring their national parks with my family VERSUS what they are looking for in the name of patriotism–brown people, period? Ignorance has always been their strong point, they feel proud to say I dont know, they snigger at your education and that you actually think rationally…. will they care to know and acknowledge the information? I am just plain scared.

    • If you’re not white, count on being harassed. They have only two criteria for suspicion: not-white skin and an accent. And if you’re smart too, they’ll hold that against you. Might even rate a beating for being smarter than most of them. We’re back in the summer of 1964, hunting for three bodies in the Mississippi swamps. Didn’t take long, did it?

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