Having Your Cake And Eating It Too

The most influential, if not the largest, Party in the country – the Tea Klux Klan – is having a wonderful time these days. They’ve revved up anti-government sentiment to the point Democrats have to apologize for breathing the public’s air. Three cases immediately come to mind.

The BP Oil Spill has wreaked havoc, not just to the Gulf region, but across the nation. It’s Obama’s “Katrina”. Bobby Jindal made sure of that by pleading for the National Guard to save Louisiana’s ass (once again). This, despite the fact the Coast Guard was the first on the scene, and the Administration sent the Navy right away, and they coordinated efforts with BP – who was, after all, responsible for the disaster in the first place. You know for an absolute fact that if Obama sent troops to the coast without expressly being invited the Right would have called it a Nazi-Gestapo move.

Next, Arizona’s show-us-your-papers law forced all the racists out of the closet. The exact same folks who despise Big Government blame Democrats for not fixing the illegal immigration mess that’s festered ever since Reagan granted amnesty to  four million illegals back in 1986. Democrat’s efforts to solve the problem have been thwarted by the Right constantly, but the Right also blames Democrats for the current situation.

Finally, we can’t forget about the economy. Jobless numbers will mean more jobs for Rethuglicans in November. Of course, voters have forgotten it was the GOP whose failed policies brought about this financial nightmare in the first place, and that Rethuglicans opposed everything Democrats have tried to do to get people back to work. Yes, there’s been incremental improvement, which is all one could reasonably expect. But I’m sure you won’t hear the GOP say anything even remotely close to that truth.

It’s not about right and wrong, it’s all about winning and losing.


15 responses to “Having Your Cake And Eating It Too

  1. Suggest you get rid of that nazi picture on your blog. I don’t know if this to make a joke or some sinister threat to our acting president. There is a line between free speech, and inflaming hatred into violence. The nazi movement may seem an abstract funny thing to you, not so funny for those who suffered and died in the fight for freedom. Get rid of that picture.

  2. Well said. Did you see the story about President Obama sending SWAT teams to the oil rigs and what the right is trying to make out of that? They don’t care about the country, only their party. Their whole issue revolves around them losing in the last election. Hopefully, the majority of Americans are thoughtful enough to realize the white washing the conservative wing nuts are doing to the fence.

    • Gee, did you see Obama sending the SWAT after the Tea-Partiers in Quincy, IL last week?

      Nah, not an overreaction at all.

      Just sayin’.

      • Get your facts straight. It wasn’t a SWAT team; there was no altercation; Obama didn’t call out police, the local police chief did. If you want to be snarky, at least work from what really happened instead of what the wingnuts make up in their paranoid little minds. Local news coverage

  3. Common Dreams

    I rather liked the Nazi picture. It was an accurate reflection of the thinking of the Republican wingnuts and Tea Klanners, the Palinites and Bachmanniacs. You can’t be taking stuff down just because someone doesn’t like it. Might as well not bother blogging. It’s your blog, not his, and your intent was perfectly clear and perfectly legitimate. For all you know the guy is a Tea Klanner. No apologies, no quarter, no mercy.

      • No, I should thank you.
        And about the ‘offending’ image, I would agree to if it really offended that poster deeply, since a picture like that would perhaps conjure some terrifying memories to some people, but it seems like he just misunderstood what your intentions were in posting that image.
        And it is possible-though difficult-to blog without insulting anyone, you’d just have to be careful and be as kind as possible when criticizing something. I’d find it impossible.

        • How do you draw that line? What degree of being offended justifies self-censorship, or censorship? If one person is offended, to what degree does he have to be offended? Scale of ten. Five? Six? Eight? Ten? How many people have to be offended? One? Ten? Ten percent of a country? Twelve percent of a religion?

          If I’m not offended by the image, perhaps I’m offended that some stranger’s delicate sensibilities demand censorship of what I like. Perhaps I’m offended that someone bullied Poker Face when she made a legitimate and effective statement.

          Since I’m offended deeply by the removal of the picture, shouldn’t she put it back up? Why does offending me count less than offending that other person?

          It’s not so simple as someone being offended. If you’re going to write with integrity and honesty, you cannot worry about offending people. No matter what you do, what you write, what image you use, you will offend some person somewhere. His feeling of being offended is his problem, not the writer’s problem.

          Salman Rushdie’s work offended a fanatic Islamic shaman/priest, and Rushdie has lived under a death sentence ever since. Who’s right, the priest or Rushdie? Who has more reason to be offended, the priest or Rushdie? The priest responded with violence to an intellectually honest work. Should Rushdie have withdrawn the book and burned all the copies?

          If we don’t stand up to the bullies, they will grind civilization into dust and blood and bone.

          • I was unclear, I apologize. When I posted that, I was merely stating what most people would do if someone complained to about an ‘offensive’ post.

            I myself disagree with the whole notion of censorship. Perhaps a content rating to warn your readers/viewers that you might offend them, but that is the farthest I would go. Maybe if a whole mob of readers complained about me, I would consider censoring something I wrote, but other than that I would not.

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