We Report, We Decide

The main-stream media’s relentless attacks against our President have certainly not subsided since the apprehension of Faisal Shahzad, the mastermind of the failed plot to blow up Times Square with firecrackers. Sure, we went from “Why is that car smoking?” to “Suspect is in custody.” in fifty-three hours. As usual, the suspect hasn’t been able to stop giving authorities useful information ever since we Mirandized him. In fact, we’ve already picked up several terrorists in Pakistan due to Shahzad’s big mouth.

Who cares?

“We should have picked him up earlier.” Remember, FIFTY THREE hours!

“We should have never read him his Miranda Rights.” Why do the vast majority of Americans despise the Constitution so much?

“This is another terrorist attack under the Obama Administration – already more than there were during Bush’s eight years in office.” Have we reduced life and death to sports scores?

From the crazed cop-killer in Pittsburgh who was convinced Obama was going to take his guns away, to the pirate attack, to the underwear bomber, to the BP oil spill, to the firecracker bomber, everything bad that’s happened to anyone, anywhere in the country since Obama took the Oath of Office, has been entirely his fault.

Seriously. What the hell has happened to common sense?


“Guess what, Faisal Shahzad is a registered Democrat. I wonder if his SUV had an Obama sticker on it.” – Rush Limbaugh

“As Americans and as a nation, we will not be terrorized. We will not cower in fear.  We will not be intimidated.” – President Barack Obama

That just about says it all, doesn’t it?


16 responses to “We Report, We Decide

  1. Great post as usual, Pokerface, and great comment by Ben Hoffman. Far right wingers also assume that socialism, fascism, terrorism, liberalism and communism are all the exact same thing. It’s a wonder many of them managed to past high school history.
    Although there are sensible right winged individuals, their voices are drowned in the stew that is far right wing media and, of course, groups like the Tea Party. If I were a conservative, I would vehemently boycott the Tea Party, as I would be ashamed of their ignorance.

  2. The only the MSM is mad about is that the van was not festooned with conservative bumper stickers and packed full of fertilizer bags labeled “Property of Glenn Beck”.

  3. We’ve heard this about the underwear/crotch bomber & now Shahzad (all the hysteria about Miranda rights, that this was sheer luck, that Obama’s not keeping us safe….) Funny thing is, we didn’t hear this talk w/ the shoe bomber or even the DC sniper. What’s different this time? The White House occupant. None of this is about fear of socialism as much as it is a fear of no longer being in power. The right is simply playing politics w/ national security. Nothing new, unfortunately.
    BTW, just found your blog – love it!

  4. First of all folks the Miranda rights are not in the Constitution. They didn’t come into being until the mid 1960’s. Second of all, ‘right-wingers’ don’t believe socialism, fascism, terrorism, liberalism and communism are all the exact same thing. They believe that the more government control … the less individual freedoms there are. No one on the right thinks there shouldn’t be any government, like people such as Ben will suggest. They believe in LIMITED government. There should be government regulation of many things. Just not government regulation and intervention in every facet of our lives.
    I have to admit, I’ve “met” one, just one, left-wing liberal person that actually doesn’t just blather off stuff like Ben’s comment, that is so far-out there. And then ‘hollowprose’ says “great comment ” Ben. It reminds me of the old cartoon … where the little dog is running around the big bulldog saying “get him Spike, get him”.
    Literally, every left wing liberal I’ve ran across here on WordPress has the same name-calling, “see how smart I am” mentaligy. It does get aggravating because I realize they are probably nice folks, just severely misguided.

    • sorry about the “mentaligy” thing. Doing this from work (yeah, and I get paid) doesn’t always afford me to proofread. I usually try not to intrude on others blogs. Thank you for your accepting my comment.

      • that is accepting my comment here.
        and, ‘peerlisscynic’ forgive my “mentaligy” mis-type.
        It’s always refreshing to know that those on the left will pick out the smallest detail to zero in on, while ignoring facts.

  5. Thanks so much Peerless!
    Hi, Steve. I really appreciate your comments, as I’m always glad to get a different perspective on things. I do tend to generalize and get all holier-than-thou sometimes. I guess it’s because I feel strongly about these issues.

    • Thank you for your reply Poker Face. I have the tendency to get somewhat sarcastic, even though there’s no mal-intent. I surely realize that alot of us feel strongly about the stuff we put on our blogs and then we wonder why everyone else doesn’t see things the way we do. But we’re all wired differently, and that’s what makes us human. Anyway, I sure hope you and yours have a great up-coming weekend. I think I need a break myself.

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