Rush Limbaugh Lied

On Tuesday, Rush Limbaugh stated that Faisal Shahzad, the Times Square firecracker bomber, was a registered Democrat. Rush then quipped, “I wonder if his SUV had an Obama sticker on it.” Mildly humorous, I’m sure those on the Right thought it was hilarious.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t true.

Media Matters for America has contacted the offices of the registrar in Shahzad’s hometowns and confirmed that Shahzad is in fact not a registered voter in those towns. Nevertheless, Fox News-ers and right-wing bloggers are running with the story anyway. This is another example of the lie being more powerful than the truth. (Birthers…)

Now, when Glenn Beck says he thinks the President is a racist, he has every right to do so. When Limbaugh says he hopes the President fails, again, he has every right to do so. But isn’t there something wrong with broadcasting an outright lie? And there’s nothing subjective about this one. Rush Limbaugh lied. Period.

James O’Keefe’s false exposé of ACORN was accepted as not only true, it was lauded as great journalism. Fox had the unedited tapes and knew what a crock O’Keefe was peddling. Didn’t matter. They ran with it anyway. And just like with Rush’s latest lie, the rest of the media jumped right on board. Just as the real story came out too late then, most people now still don’t know that Limbaugh’s recent statement was nothing but a big fat lie.

I’m all for Free Speech. It’s vital to America’s Liberty.

 But where do we draw the line?


12 responses to “Rush Limbaugh Lied

  1. Shahzad could draw a line by taking Fatso to court if Shahzad believes his reputation was harmed by the Fat Man claiming Shahzad is a Democrat.

    I think there’s only a couple of ways to hold Limbaugh accountable. One is to sue him if his false speech damages your reputation or livelihood. The other is public outrage, in which the public boycotts the commercial interests that support Limbaugh’s show.

    There’s a third way, which is simply to shoot the sonofabitch, but he’s so armored with body fat that you’d probably need a thirty millimeter cannon to break through.

    In any event, no matter what course anyone follows to hold Limbaugh accountable, his millions of fans will simply see it as a Democrat Communist Nazi Liberal plot to hurt their leader. Of course none of them have the brains to see through his fakery, even when he says, as he did, that’s he’s in it for the money.

    Hey, maybe we could form a new political party: the DeCoNaLi Party. Whaddya think? It’ll piss off the Limbites.

  2. As a journalist myself, I am disappointed by this O’Keefe fellow hasn’t been arrested. I hope he at least faces civil charges for what he did. It seems, however, there are many out there today who are posing as journalists, and the sad part of it is, we’ve gotten so used to it we sometimes don’t question what we are reading, hearing or seeing.

  3. What’s not true? You said “Rush then quipped, ‘I wonder if his SUV had an Obama sticker on it.'”

    It is true that Rush “wondered.” You said so.

    He didn’t report that his SUV DID have an Obama sticker on it. He wondered. It’s OK to hate him as you do, but don’t put words in his mouth.

    Wonderful thing, this free speech. One can wonder. At least for now.

    • When the Fat Man ‘wonders’ on the air about his political enemies, he’s making an accusation, he’s playing to the prejudices of his audience, prejudices he helped create. There’s nothing innocent about what the Fat Man says on his show. He’s a propagandist, plain and simple. And he is in it for the money, period. He’s said that. Odd how none of his dittoheads ever ‘wonder’ about that while he spews his lies and his bigotry and his hatred all over the people’s airwaves.

      Bottom line for the Fat Man? He believes it’s okay for him to lie and distort to undermine the United States government in order to make a lot of money for himself. He’s not an innocent and nothing he says is innocent.

      You can slice and dice the semantics however you wish, but all you’re doing is giving him cover to continue his vile attacks and to spread ignorance and fear and hate. Maybe if you’re really nice to him, he’ll give a few bucks to go buy some drugs for him.

  4. Apparently you’re confused about the feeling I’m exuding. Confusion is a common problem with supporters of the Fat Man.

    There is no case for state run media in anything I said. So, again, you are apparently confusing your perception with reality. Again, a common problem for dittoheads and dittohead wannabes.

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