What A Joke

“Where are the jobs?” – That was John Boehner’s response when the latest jobs numbers were released. Once again, the country was on the plus-side: 290,000 new jobs in April. That makes four months of positive employment growth in a row. As usual, the previous month’s numbers were actually better than original estimates, so April’s will be as well. But as it stand now, April had the largest one-month gain in over four years. And the increase in manufacturing jobs was the best we’ve had in twelve years. So what the hell is the House Minority Leader talking about?

Who cares. He’s talking…

The mainstream media will always spend more time on the negative than the positive. No matter how wonderful things are cruising along, anyone who complains in front of a camera is guaranteed to get a lot of coverage. Take the Tea Klux Klan, for example. If they really cared about the economy, they’d have stormed the gates of Bush’s White House. If they really cared about the deficit, they’d be demanding taxes be tripled to pay down our debt. If they really cared about Individual Rights, they sure as hell wouldn’t support Arizona’s show-us-your-papers law. The vast a majority of these folks merely want “their country” back, now that we have a Black President.

But they get tons of media coverage, don’t they?…

The mainstream media has dubbed the BP Oil Spill “Obama’s Katrina”. The Times Square firecracker bomber is “Obama’s 9/11.” Does it matter that these sound-bytes have no basis in reality? Of course not. All the media cares about is ratings. “Fair and Balanced”? What a joke.

Just like Boehner and his pals playing the Fear Card over this latest terrorist attack attempt. They’d rather score political points by trashing Obama on Security issues than allowing the President’s nominees for dozens of posts – mostly Security related – to at least come up for a vote. “Country First”? What a joke.


6 responses to “What A Joke

  1. And real soon now to add to the excitement, the Rethugs have announced that all 41 of them will filibuster any SCOTUS nominee they consider too ‘activist’. Of course that makes a rational person question why they aren’t voting to impeach Roberts, Scalia, Thomas, and Alioto, who are about as activist and reactionary as a judge can get and not get lynched by the commoners whose lives and livelihoods they threaten every time they put on their robes.

  2. If America was having election when the president feels like it, just like in Canada, I think people would make more connections about the ways things are and the guys who created this mess instead of blaming the black guy who just got there. Bad politics almost killed the Conservatives in the 90’s and more bad politics damaged badly the Liberals a few years ago. Still, we’re dumb enough to put Stephen Harper in charge, so there’s no perfect system.

      • Both systems are different. Canadian PM has control over the Parliament unlike the President who constantly has to negotiate with the Congress. We ofter wonder if we shouldn’t have fixed elections like you. I’d say, as above, that our system hits bad politicians harder. And I’d say that the two biggest issues in US politics the lack of political alternatives and the money. These are as well our two biggest issues.

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