Blame Barack

Polls have time and time again proven that the mainstream media controls the message.

Right now, hot topics include Arizona’s show-me-your-papers law, the BP Oil Spill, the Tennessee floods, the worst recession in history, and the Times Square firecracker bomber. In each case, the talking heads have made it crystal-clear: It’s all Obama’s fault.

Apparently, there was no illegal immigration problem in this country prior to 2009. It seems as though the President himself must have been pouring the cement for the Deepwater Horizon oil rig. Immediately sending aid to the flood victims in Tennessee was the worst thing Barack could have done. Where was the all-important photo-op? Steadily declining job-losses, and now four months of gains in a row, prove beyond any doubt the President’s economic policies are bringing the nation to its knees. And Faisal Shahzad would never have tried to blow up Times Square if Bush were still in charge. Everyone knows there were no terrorist attacks when he ran things.

America must fail. Obama’s a racist. His dastardly plan to systematically destroy this country must be thwarted – at all cost. All these “truths” are blaring in our ears and blinding our eyes every time you turn the TV on, listen to satellite radio, or read anything on the internet.

No freakin’ wonder everyone’s on Zoloft…


What A Joke

“Where are the jobs?” – That was John Boehner’s response when the latest jobs numbers were released. Once again, the country was on the plus-side: 290,000 new jobs in April. That makes four months of positive employment growth in a row. As usual, the previous month’s numbers were actually better than original estimates, so April’s will be as well. But as it stand now, April had the largest one-month gain in over four years. And the increase in manufacturing jobs was the best we’ve had in twelve years. So what the hell is the House Minority Leader talking about?

Who cares. He’s talking…

The mainstream media will always spend more time on the negative than the positive. No matter how wonderful things are cruising along, anyone who complains in front of a camera is guaranteed to get a lot of coverage. Take the Tea Klux Klan, for example. If they really cared about the economy, they’d have stormed the gates of Bush’s White House. If they really cared about the deficit, they’d be demanding taxes be tripled to pay down our debt. If they really cared about Individual Rights, they sure as hell wouldn’t support Arizona’s show-us-your-papers law. The vast a majority of these folks merely want “their country” back, now that we have a Black President.

But they get tons of media coverage, don’t they?…

The mainstream media has dubbed the BP Oil Spill “Obama’s Katrina”. The Times Square firecracker bomber is “Obama’s 9/11.” Does it matter that these sound-bytes have no basis in reality? Of course not. All the media cares about is ratings. “Fair and Balanced”? What a joke.

Just like Boehner and his pals playing the Fear Card over this latest terrorist attack attempt. They’d rather score political points by trashing Obama on Security issues than allowing the President’s nominees for dozens of posts – mostly Security related – to at least come up for a vote. “Country First”? What a joke.

I Want My Country Back

Let’s take a quick review of what Barack Obama’s done in his short tenure in office. He massively increased our military presence in Afghanistan. We’ve captured or killed so many al-Qaeda leaders lately, victories aren’t even news stories anymore. Obama’s kept nearly all Bush’s national security policies intact. He’s given us the most sweeping tax breaks in decades. With Wall Street and GM paying back their loans ahead of schedule, though the deficit is still rising, it’s at a much slower pace than analysts projected it would be. The President has expanded gun rights. He signed into law the healthcare reform package originally proposed by republicans in response to HillaryCare. Obama has even given the green-light for oil companies to drill, baby, drill.

With all that, Christervatives still label Barack Obama as the most liberal (ie, evil) President in American history. The Tea Klux Klan – which has become the third party many people hoped would end the failed two-party system – was born out of rebellion to Obama’s endless attacks on the conservative values this nation was supposedly founded on.

Republicans like Charlie Crist and John McCain aren’t even welcome in their own party because it’s moved so far to the right. Virginia now has, basically, Pat Robertson as Governor. Arizona has passed laws not only encouraging racial profiling, but making the practice mandatory. Secession-fever has broken out throughout the South. According to certain news organizations, President Obama has the lowest approval rating of any President since they started keeping track of such things.

We’re living in a time where up is down and down is up. Do Americans really think Bush was better than Obama? We’re living in a country that’s overwhelmingly opposed to giving healthcare to the millions of hardworking, taxpaying American citizens who don’t have it. The majority don’t want financial reforms that would end Wall Street bailouts. I could go on, but I think you get the point.

I want an end to this madness.

I want my country back.

Outlaw Bailouts

It’s as simple as that. Obama, Pelosi, Reid et al have crafted legislation to protect the American people from having to deal with another financial catastrophe – like the one orchestrated under Bush’s watch – by imposing a few commonsense regulations. Everyone who has a 401k, everyone that has a union or company retirement program, anyone who pays taxes, anyone who was negatively affected by what happened under Bush should support this legislation. Especially members of the Tea Klux Klan, since Bush’s bailout gave rise to their anti-government angst in the first place.

Three things happened yesterday which reveal our present situation in crystal clarity:

1. The fraud investigation of Goldman Sachs.

2. GOP leaders meeting with financial executives.

3. Democrats fighting for reform.

The rethuglicans are in league with the banksters, while the democrats fight an uphill battle for We the People. In the words of Jerry Lundegaard:

“That’s the deal here.”

Nineteen Percent

That’s right. According to the latest polling conducted by the Pew Research Center, only 19% of Americans trust the government. That’s the lowest number ever recorded. And get this. The public is split over whether the government should be responsible for dealing with critical problems.

What the hell does this mean?

For one, the Tea Klux Klan and the rest of Dick Armey’s Astroturf revolution is winning. Big time. For another, transparency might not be such a good thing after all. The public is sick and tired of the filth, corruption, and over-the-top vitriol coming out of Washington. Also, a lot of folks are angry the Obama Administration hasn’t cleaned up Bush’s mess fast enough.

Midterm elections always favor the party out of power, in this case that’s the Party of No. Even though their policies wrecked the country in the first place, the GOP is set to win big in November.

I’ve said it before; it’s no longer about right and wrong, it’s all about winning and losing.

Worst President Ever

Please don’t call me an Obamabot. Or a moonbat. Don’t dismiss me as a Kool Aid drinker. I’m an individual capable of independent thought. Yes, I voted for, and still support, Barack Obama. No, I don’t agree with him 100% of the time. What I can’t understand is why I have to defend everything the man says or does to everyone on the Right, as well as on the Left.

The President hosts a nuclear summit for 47 world leaders. The Right? All they care about is that he bowed to Chinese President Hu Jintao. And that the atom-shaped logo somehow proves he’s a Muslim. The Left? They think Obama didn’t go far enough to reduce the nuclear threat.

The President pushes for hospitals to allow Gays to visit their loved ones. The Right? As usual, Obama is overstepping his authority. And of course, fags shouldn’t have any rights in the first place. The Left? They aren’t going to give Obama any credit until America is a perfect utopian society.

Right now, Washington is investigating the banksters who stole billions, got paid off by Bush, and are back, making insane amounts of dirty money. The Right? Well, this is a capitalist nation, so capitalists have the right to screw over whoever they want. Even the slightest bit of regulation means Obama’s a commie. Oh, and this mess, which started to really heat up back in 2005, is all Obama’s fault. The Left? What took ya so long, Barry? Whatever regulations do get passed, Obama’s still just a puppet of big business.

Healthcare, the economy, national security, I could go on and on. Even though the President hasn’t announced his nominee to replace Justice Stevens yet, both sides are already pissed at him.

At this point in his first term, Bush was more popular than Obama is right now.

What the hell does that tell ya…