Dissecting Newt

Newt Gingrich is mad as hell and he’s not gonna take it anymore. President Obama included in his State of the Union Address the sentence “We will win the future.” No phrase including the words “win” and “future” are permitted to be uttered because Gingrich wrote a call to action entitled “Winning the Future: A 21st Century Contract with America” in 2005.

The former Speaker of the House penned the work as a warning to republicans that they needed to be more conservative. You know, less taxes, less spending, less government regulation. And what’s his proof that he’s right and everybody else is wrong? I’m not making this up – these are actually his own words:

They didn’t listen and suffered the consequences in the 2006 and 2008 elections.

“They”, meaning fellow republicans who failed to heed his warnings. That’s right. In his attack piece against Obama and all things liberal, his entire defense is exactly one sentence long. Nothing wrong with brevity, let’s see if his argument makes sense.

Gingrich is trying to prove that America needs to be more conservative. He wrote a book espousing his beliefs. After the book was published, Americans voted to put more liberals in office. (Twice.) Therefore, America needs to be more conservative. This is called a post hoc fallacy in logic. Actually, the argument is so spurious, it falls into not just one, but several subsets of post hoc fallacy.

Should America be more conservative? Maybe, maybe not. (I happen to think not.) The point is, if Newt Gingrich is going to run against Barack Obama next year, he’s gonna need to sharpen his reasoning skills.


Paul Ryan’s Express

The Bush and Clinton administrations, the current and previous Federal Reserve chairmen, and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner all bear some responsibility for the economic collapse of 2008. Those are the just-released findings of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission. However, only one of the Big Three agrees with those conclusions – the democrats. The Republican Party, along with their feistier younger brother, the Tea Party; refute the notion that risky financial schemes that netted trillions with virtually zero oversight should have raised any concern whatsoever.

As Paul Ryan explained, “We believe, as our founders did, that “the pursuit of happiness” depends upon individual liberty; and individual liberty requires limited government.” and, “Limited government and free enterprise have helped make America the greatest nation on earth.”

So we had to bail out the banks. Big deal. That doesn’t mean we have the right to regulate them. That’s not the American way…

Blame Barack

Polls have time and time again proven that the mainstream media controls the message.

Right now, hot topics include Arizona’s show-me-your-papers law, the BP Oil Spill, the Tennessee floods, the worst recession in history, and the Times Square firecracker bomber. In each case, the talking heads have made it crystal-clear: It’s all Obama’s fault.

Apparently, there was no illegal immigration problem in this country prior to 2009. It seems as though the President himself must have been pouring the cement for the Deepwater Horizon oil rig. Immediately sending aid to the flood victims in Tennessee was the worst thing Barack could have done. Where was the all-important photo-op? Steadily declining job-losses, and now four months of gains in a row, prove beyond any doubt the President’s economic policies are bringing the nation to its knees. And Faisal Shahzad would never have tried to blow up Times Square if Bush were still in charge. Everyone knows there were no terrorist attacks when he ran things.

America must fail. Obama’s a racist. His dastardly plan to systematically destroy this country must be thwarted – at all cost. All these “truths” are blaring in our ears and blinding our eyes every time you turn the TV on, listen to satellite radio, or read anything on the internet.

No freakin’ wonder everyone’s on Zoloft…

What A Joke

“Where are the jobs?” – That was John Boehner’s response when the latest jobs numbers were released. Once again, the country was on the plus-side: 290,000 new jobs in April. That makes four months of positive employment growth in a row. As usual, the previous month’s numbers were actually better than original estimates, so April’s will be as well. But as it stand now, April had the largest one-month gain in over four years. And the increase in manufacturing jobs was the best we’ve had in twelve years. So what the hell is the House Minority Leader talking about?

Who cares. He’s talking…

The mainstream media will always spend more time on the negative than the positive. No matter how wonderful things are cruising along, anyone who complains in front of a camera is guaranteed to get a lot of coverage. Take the Tea Klux Klan, for example. If they really cared about the economy, they’d have stormed the gates of Bush’s White House. If they really cared about the deficit, they’d be demanding taxes be tripled to pay down our debt. If they really cared about Individual Rights, they sure as hell wouldn’t support Arizona’s show-us-your-papers law. The vast a majority of these folks merely want “their country” back, now that we have a Black President.

But they get tons of media coverage, don’t they?…

The mainstream media has dubbed the BP Oil Spill “Obama’s Katrina”. The Times Square firecracker bomber is “Obama’s 9/11.” Does it matter that these sound-bytes have no basis in reality? Of course not. All the media cares about is ratings. “Fair and Balanced”? What a joke.

Just like Boehner and his pals playing the Fear Card over this latest terrorist attack attempt. They’d rather score political points by trashing Obama on Security issues than allowing the President’s nominees for dozens of posts – mostly Security related – to at least come up for a vote. “Country First”? What a joke.

Having Your Cake And Eating It Too

The most influential, if not the largest, Party in the country – the Tea Klux Klan – is having a wonderful time these days. They’ve revved up anti-government sentiment to the point Democrats have to apologize for breathing the public’s air. Three cases immediately come to mind.

The BP Oil Spill has wreaked havoc, not just to the Gulf region, but across the nation. It’s Obama’s “Katrina”. Bobby Jindal made sure of that by pleading for the National Guard to save Louisiana’s ass (once again). This, despite the fact the Coast Guard was the first on the scene, and the Administration sent the Navy right away, and they coordinated efforts with BP – who was, after all, responsible for the disaster in the first place. You know for an absolute fact that if Obama sent troops to the coast without expressly being invited the Right would have called it a Nazi-Gestapo move.

Next, Arizona’s show-us-your-papers law forced all the racists out of the closet. The exact same folks who despise Big Government blame Democrats for not fixing the illegal immigration mess that’s festered ever since Reagan granted amnesty to  four million illegals back in 1986. Democrat’s efforts to solve the problem have been thwarted by the Right constantly, but the Right also blames Democrats for the current situation.

Finally, we can’t forget about the economy. Jobless numbers will mean more jobs for Rethuglicans in November. Of course, voters have forgotten it was the GOP whose failed policies brought about this financial nightmare in the first place, and that Rethuglicans opposed everything Democrats have tried to do to get people back to work. Yes, there’s been incremental improvement, which is all one could reasonably expect. But I’m sure you won’t hear the GOP say anything even remotely close to that truth.

It’s not about right and wrong, it’s all about winning and losing.

More Bad News

Barack Obama’s socialist agenda has wrecked our economy. Just ask the Tea Klux Klan, they’ll let you know, alright. The latest proof of his epic failure is the new home sales numbers for March. You might want to sit down for this, Christervatives.

New home sales rose 27 percent. That’s the biggest increase in, I’m not kidding, 47 years. Experts expected a little bit of a bump, merely because February’s terrible weather didn’t exactly help the market. But no one expected this. And everyone in the industry blames Obama and his reckless incentives for this horrible news.

Well, it’s horrible news to folks like Rush Limbaugh, who wants the President to fail. It’s bad news to $ister $arah, and her “How’s that hopey, changy thing workin’ out for ya?” Facebook status. And it sure doesn’t help Republicans, who are facing an increasingly uphill battle in November.

At least the GOP has a chance to rake in donations for fighting Obama’s Supreme Court pick, no matter who he picks…

I Want My Country Back

Let’s take a quick review of what Barack Obama’s done in his short tenure in office. He massively increased our military presence in Afghanistan. We’ve captured or killed so many al-Qaeda leaders lately, victories aren’t even news stories anymore. Obama’s kept nearly all Bush’s national security policies intact. He’s given us the most sweeping tax breaks in decades. With Wall Street and GM paying back their loans ahead of schedule, though the deficit is still rising, it’s at a much slower pace than analysts projected it would be. The President has expanded gun rights. He signed into law the healthcare reform package originally proposed by republicans in response to HillaryCare. Obama has even given the green-light for oil companies to drill, baby, drill.

With all that, Christervatives still label Barack Obama as the most liberal (ie, evil) President in American history. The Tea Klux Klan – which has become the third party many people hoped would end the failed two-party system – was born out of rebellion to Obama’s endless attacks on the conservative values this nation was supposedly founded on.

Republicans like Charlie Crist and John McCain aren’t even welcome in their own party because it’s moved so far to the right. Virginia now has, basically, Pat Robertson as Governor. Arizona has passed laws not only encouraging racial profiling, but making the practice mandatory. Secession-fever has broken out throughout the South. According to certain news organizations, President Obama has the lowest approval rating of any President since they started keeping track of such things.

We’re living in a time where up is down and down is up. Do Americans really think Bush was better than Obama? We’re living in a country that’s overwhelmingly opposed to giving healthcare to the millions of hardworking, taxpaying American citizens who don’t have it. The majority don’t want financial reforms that would end Wall Street bailouts. I could go on, but I think you get the point.

I want an end to this madness.

I want my country back.