Blame Barack

Polls have time and time again proven that the mainstream media controls the message.

Right now, hot topics include Arizona’s show-me-your-papers law, the BP Oil Spill, the Tennessee floods, the worst recession in history, and the Times Square firecracker bomber. In each case, the talking heads have made it crystal-clear: It’s all Obama’s fault.

Apparently, there was no illegal immigration problem in this country prior to 2009. It seems as though the President himself must have been pouring the cement for the Deepwater Horizon oil rig. Immediately sending aid to the flood victims in Tennessee was the worst thing Barack could have done. Where was the all-important photo-op? Steadily declining job-losses, and now four months of gains in a row, prove beyond any doubt the President’s economic policies are bringing the nation to its knees. And Faisal Shahzad would never have tried to blow up Times Square if Bush were still in charge. Everyone knows there were no terrorist attacks when he ran things.

America must fail. Obama’s a racist. His dastardly plan to systematically destroy this country must be thwarted – at all cost. All these “truths” are blaring in our ears and blinding our eyes every time you turn the TV on, listen to satellite radio, or read anything on the internet.

No freakin’ wonder everyone’s on Zoloft…


5 responses to “Blame Barack

  1. Some of us are drinking coffee. Welcome to the coffee klatsch, PF! (FYI don’t get caught drinking tea or we’ll toss you out.)

    Nice pic of Andy Card telling Bush his fly is unzipped and the WTC was hit. Poor George couldn’t figure which was more important: that’s why he sat there reading a children’s book.

    His picture offends me. Put a moustache on it and little horns. Thanx.


    • Not a bit offensive. Stick with me, kiddo, and pretty soon you’ll be offending with the best of them. 😀

      Actually, if the CheneyBush had refused to demonize those guys and consider them essentially dumb, if evil, but had instead figured they were smart and unbelievably dedicated religiopolitical fanatics, we might have avoided all the waste of lives that’s followed. But what can you expect from an American politician who stumbles through reading ‘My Pet Goat’?

  2. As a student of journalism let me tell you what an old professor once told us in class, “We don’t tell people what to think, but we do tell them what to think about.”

    This is what the news media does when they ignore history and facts, but they don’t care about either of those two things really. What the media does care about are ratings. Ratings allow them to charge more for advertising and they make money; money is what drives the media, not the truth.

  3. JR Owens nailed it; money.
    I am unsurprised that the MSM has blamed Obama for the disastrous Oil spill. What’s really sad is that there are individuals who should be blamed for the oil spill, as it is their fault, yet they are essentially unpunished.

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